Your privacy is important to us.

  • We do not collect or share any personal information about you or your account activity
  • We use session cookies on this site. This is necessary for use for functionality of the site.
  • Because you connect to our site with I2P we are unable to collect your IP address.
  • Your browser may automatically leak version and operating system information. To prevent this, use Mozilla Firefox, with the user agent spoofer plug-in
  • We do not execute any client side scripting to prevent the possibility of browser exploits that may lead to leaking information about you.
  • We do not report to any governing or regulatory body. We do not comply with any AML or KYC regulations.
  • We will never provide details or logs of account or transaction activity to anyone ever.
  • In the event an authority contacts us, we will disclose the full contents of the communications and attempt to create dialog in a public chatroom.
  • To financial regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies

    If you would like to open up communication. I direct you to irc2p #exchange